You’ve already booked your trip but you want to add a little extra? I’ve got you covered! From day trips, land tours to shore excursions for my avid cruiser, this is your one stop shop.

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Travel Apps

Travel APPS can make heading to and being at your destination a more pleasurable experience and help to streamline your travel needs. I have put together a few suggestions below with links to follow… HAPPY TRAVELING!

FLIGHT VIEW – Provides flight updates in real-time as well as baggage claim info

FLIGHTSTATS – This app and website tracks flights, airport conditions, and much more

GLOBE CONVERT – This is a must have app for Apple phones/iPads to convert currency and give real time currency rates

iEXIT – Is great when traveling by car as it can alert you to services along your route on US Highways

GASBUDDY – Provides locations near you for cheap gasoline

SPLITWISE – Great for traveling and elsewhere, calculates costs of meals, lodging, etc. per person when sharing costs

TOLLFREEAIRLINE.COM – This webpage lists all major airline customer service departments